With Catch Mail you only get the best. Choose from one of our pre-designed templates or our team can design you a custom on-brand template. We make sure that your brand and message is heard by the right people at the right time.

Room to express yourself

Catch Mail gives you the flexibility and power to send custom-design emails that fit within your brand and meet your marketing goals. Choose from one of our many generic designs. If not, we'll design and build you a custom on-brand template!

Use a generic email template

We've done the hard work for you by providing over 140 email templates! They've been tested by all our major email clients, so choose which one you want, and make sending easy!

Custom on-brand template

Let us design and build a custom email template for you. One of our experienced designers will work with you to create a stunning on-brand email design.

Design suite

A suite of email templates gives you the flexibility to send different messages for specific occasions, whether that be a quick announcment, a special offer or a full-blown newsletter!